This week, the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater somersaults its way into Portland, with dozens of four-legged, furry stars in tow. We figured that ringleader Gregory Popovich—who's been called a cat whisperer by The New York Times—might need some ideas for how to spoil his Siamese and schnauzers while in town. Portland, fortunately, has no shortage of pet amenities.

LODGING: Giving piggyback rides to finicky kittens and wheeling around on teeny-tiny scooters makes for one pooped pooch. For a quality night's sleep, Sniff Dog Hotel ( in Northwest offers fleece bedding, climate-controlled rooms and bubble baths. Let your depleted dachshund sit back and lounge in front of his flat-panel TV—as you watch his every move on the private webcam (included with the penthouse, $75 per night). Over at Meowhaus (, cats get memory-foam beds and views of zebra finches—safely behind glass—flitting around the indoor aviary.

GROOMING: D'tails Dog Salon ( pampers your canine with full-body moisture wraps, antioxidant-rich blueberry facials and aromatherapy (lavender is especially good for nervous pups, we're told, but sugar-cookie is also a popular scent this time of year). Nail art—think French manicures or snowmen, if your lady pooch cares for seasonally appropriate designs—runs $1 to $5 per nail. At Cats in the City (, felines can be trimmed to resemble lions, complete with booties and a pompom on the tail ($95).

WORKING OUT: All those acrobatic maneuvers—jumping rope, leaping through hoops, hurdling barricades—are tough on joints. That's why Southeast's Fido's Indoor Dog Park ( has a swimming pool, which is 98 percent chemical-free, and life jackets in all sizes.

BODYWORK: Loving Touch Animal Massage ( can smooth out Stinker Belle's muscle spasms or decrease Tigger's high blood pressure. Still need more? Balanced Pets NW ( specializes in traditional Chinese acupuncture to correct your pet's energy flow. Especially good for irritable bowel disease.

DINING OUT: It's not a trip to Portland without doughnuts. Tigard's Pawsitive Pastries ( offers a yogurt-glazed, carob chip-topped version for dogs—made with beef broth, egg, oats and garlic powder. And they're gluten-free! Meanwhile, off in the tony suburb of Lake Oswego, Uncle Larry's ( makes freeze-dried treats from locally sourced meat for both dogs and cats. Recommended for sensitive tummies.

PARTYING: Is it Scrappy's special day? Lexi Dog Boutique & Social Club ( has pinatas, apple-bobbing and hot-dog hunts for your darling doggie, with party favors for up to eight four-legged guests.

PASSING ON: Maybe that tightrope was too high for Twinkle Toes. Or perhaps it was just "her time." That's where Dignified Pet Services ( comes in, offering burials, cremations and memorial services, as well as round-the-clock emergency services. Pet-sized hearses available.

GO: The Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is at the Aladdin Theater, 3017 SE Milwaukie Ave., 234-9694, on Thursday, Dec. 12. 7 pm. $25-$35. All ages.