Woodstock is weird. On one block of the Southeast neighborhood's namesake street you'll find Nudi Noodle Place serves an appetizer with a plastic syringe of plum sauce, and Woodstock Tan also does hair, sells bongs and provides both FedEx service and a notary public. Next to those businesses, you'll find Fenders Moto-Cafe & Brew Pub (4336 SE Woodstock Blvd., 788-1587, fendersmotocafe.com), Portland's newest motorcycle-themed bar, which took over for the little-loved Mickey Finn's Brew Pub in October. The big box of a room has been outfitted with a bunch of old small-engine Japanese bikes and neon beer signs. There's a wine menu with pictures of the bottles. Despite describing itself as a "brew pub," there's no brewery here, and the waitress doesn't even have a tap list handy. After walking to look at the taps, I settled on Base Camp seasonal, which was served in a Coors Light glass. There are also burgers, though the "Braaap" ($9) might just be the most flavor-deficient slab of dry beef anywhere in Portland. Fenders is odd, but not in the good way. You're better off with the syringe next door.