There really is no conflict of interest with Jackie Dingfelder on the issue of the Superfund cleanup ["No Safe Harbor," WW, Dec. 4, 2013].

Working on Superfund issues involves a lot of connection with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, local companies and local organizations seeking to clean up the harbor.

If there are clear lines between what she does [as Portland's environmental and planning adviser], and what her husband does with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality working to control the historic sources of pollution along the shoreline, then it really is not a problem, folks.

While the city of Portland is a potentially responsible party in this issue, most of its work is with the EPA in relation to in-water sediment contamination.

It would be great if the focus could be on "how do we get this river cleaned up, and where should we put the contaminated sediment?"

—"Travis Williams"

I think you can understand Mayor Charlie Hales by drawing two boxes. One is "the basics," the minimum he thinks he needs to do and for which he considers himself accountable.

The other box is "whatever the hell I feel like doing," which covers everything else. In that box, accountability, coherency and consistency don't apply.

I guess management of the Superfund cleanup goes in box 2.



This is a no-brainer ["Brother, Can You Spare $200 Million?" WW, Dec. 4, 2013]. If OHSU can't get the money elsewhere, the state should lend it.

How stupid to turn away $500 million. And I will never complain about Phil Knight ever again.

I can't believe anybody who cares about people—elderly, poor or otherwise—would turn away cancer research that will help them.


If Phil Knight thinks this is such a great idea, why ask for taxpayer money at all? He could easily pay for the entire thing.



I loved this article! ["Super-Hot Coffee: A Fearless Reporter Auditions as a Bikini Barista," WW, Dec. 4, 2013.] I too saw the ad on Craiglist and couldn't help but ogle the insanely huge-breasted "pic" included atop the job description.

I wondered what the hell it would be like to sell bikini coffee...who the customers are...and then I felt sad, because I was a barista for many years (a really un-hot one) and I burned pretty much every bit of skin not covered by clothing.

On that note, good luck, bikini baristas.


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