Who: Chelsea Unicorn, Lucia Luna, Clint "ClickAttack" Harvard.

Sounds like: '80s French electro processed with glitter, Lucky Charms and a black widow spider.

For fans of: Air, Massive Attack, Goldfrapp.

Why you care: Founding member Chelsea Unicorn has been an avid painter for years, and she manifests her passion for multimedia in Unicorn Domination's theatrical music videos, live production and general swag. Just take the videos for "Babblestacks"—featuring adolescent girls solemnly bending every which way in unison, Chelsea purring in a sexy fur coat and bare-chested drummer ClickAttack ablaze in glitter—or the haunting "SPKR," in which Chelsea channels Gaga head-on, clutching an animal skull and gazing dramatically into nowhere and everywhere through mussy hair and bedroom eyes. "I'm fascinated by culture, art and all mediums," Unicorn says. "Soundscapes and visuals are all intertwined for me, and I try to bring that multitextured approach to my work." The sound is hypnotizing electro-pop, but the group isn't all about the glitter, leotards and, well, unicorns: There is a tangible, trip-hop-inspired darkness to Unicorn Domination's sound, enhanced by Chelsea's reverb-heavy coos. Not just a release party for the group's sophomore album, DRAZA, Thursday's show will be your last chance to catch Unicorn Domination live in its hometown for some time. They've got a one-way ticket to Asia in January, with plans to tour for several months. 

SEE IT: Unicorn Domination plays Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison St., with Vice Device and SHK THT, on Thursday, Dec. 19. 8:30 pm. $5. 21+.