For two decades, I have had problems with the Portland Police Bureau ["Gender Rap," WW, Dec. 11, 2013]. I was a criminal defense lawyer before I retired.

Female officers are far better at reducing tension because that is what women do. Men have testosterone-secretion issues. Men have had it since high school. Men use strength, and it overrides intellect.

The point is, just get the job done. In that regard, women succeed.

—"James McHugh"

According to local news reports from a few weeks ago, male Portland Police Bureau officers want a clause in their collective bargaining agreement allowing them to take more "supplements" to enhance their performance. Steroids, basically.

Maybe the city could give them a little estrogen instead.

—"Michael Romano"


This place is competing for the Most Pretentious Portland Restaurant of 2013 award ["Punch Out: Micah Camden's Boxer Ramen Delivers Quick, Hard Jabs," WW, Dec. 11, 2013].

Small portions because you're fat. No credit cards because that's what big businesses do, and this establishment is quaint. No to-go containers because the integrity of the noodle would be tarnished. No condiments because the food is already perfectly seasoned, thank you very much.

What's interesting is that Little Big Burger isn't at all customer-hostile like Boxer Ramen is, despite being cheaper. I don't get what Micah Camden is doing here.

I've lived in downtown Portland for 11 years. I ride a fixed-gear bike. I get snobby about what coffee and beer I drink. I eat out most days and argue about the relative merits of Tasty N Alder vs. Tasty N Sons.

All that said, this place is even too pretentious for me. It actually makes me mad that it lacks basic services necessary for a pleasant restaurant just to be cool.

—"Kyle Meyer"


Beggars can't be choosers ["Cold Dreams," WW, Dec. 11, 2013]. Maybe if Right 2 Dream Too stopped being ideological purists and insisting they be downtown, in full view, with an offer to stay for perpetuity, they would have better options.


I totally agree. Who wants to see homeless people in full view of the holiday shoppers? The holidays are no time for those of us with homes to be forced to look at people without. This is the time of year for buying more things. Not for thinking about, or having to look at, those less fortunate. That is what Portland is all about.


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