It began as an innocent test. When standup comic Kyle Kinane noticed that his tweets rebuking Pace Picante Salsa’s misogynistic advertising had been favorited by the company’s very own Twitter account, he decided to make a few more vulgar remarks. Pace favorited them all. From there, it became a tangled, near-surrealistic dance of mischief, outrage and aborted heroism. Several Pace employees entered the fray, including one who seemingly fired an underling for getting involved. Kinane came to the employee’s defense. The hashtag #BringBackMiles spread across Twitter.

But, like Elan Gale's Thanksgiving feud with an imaginary airplane passenger, it was a hoax: Another comedian had been behind the Pace account all along, and Kinane was the punked do-gooder left with his tail between his legs. To welcome Kinane to Portland—he hits Helium for a three-night stand starting Thursday, Jan. 9—we asked him to troll a few other companies on Twitter. Here's what he wrote. 


@cirquedusoleil You guys are just KISS with gymnastics but I'll keep it a secret for a couple tickets to that horse show you guys are putting on out by the airport.

@wikileaks Big Mac sauce is just thousand island dressing. I moved to Switzerland just so I could tell the world this.

@Bojangles One time when I was 19 and in Florida one of your employees called me a bitch because I couldn't finish my biscuits and I haven't been back since, fyi.


@DrWho Can't you do at least ONE episode where Bill and Ted crash into the Tardis with their phone booth?

I've been telling people I've been investing my retirement with the help of @ParkerBrothers and @MiltonBradley. Not as many people catch on as you'd hope.


@campbellsfood You guys should give me some free soup for that Pace Salsa debacle that happened a month ago.

GO: Kyle Kinane is at Helium Comedy Club, 1510 SE 9th Ave., 888-643-8669. 8 pm Thursday and 7:30 and 10 pm Friday-Saturday, Jan. 9-11. $15-$25.