I feel deeply sorry that Dave Dahl seems to have fallen so far from grace, but it has absolutely nothing to do with my bread purchases ["Breaking Bread," WW, Jan. 8, 2014].

Strangely enough, I don't buy the wrapper. I buy the product, and as long as the product maintains its current quality, I'll continue to buy it.

And I'll continue to hope for the best possible outcome for the whole Dahl family.


I still love the bread. It's interesting to hear more of the backstory—I'm sure we'll hear Dave's side of it someday. At least I hope we will.

I can't imagine the stress decreased with the [company's] majority sale to an investment group. No one is responsible for his actions aside from Dave, but as with most situations, what leads up to something is complex.

It sounds like his road was never an easy one, but perhaps this will be just another bump and he'll come back strong again.


Relapse is always a part of recovery. There are many triggers at work here; overcoming any one of them can be tough. I suspect Dahl just had a lapse brought on by all the recent hoopla and change. I hope he'll be OK.

—"Irving Berliner"

I was afraid Dave's Killer Bread would be pulled from grocery shelves following the incident in November. I'm glad to see that has not happened, at least.

—"Damos Abadon"


It bothers me a bit that the partner of the governor would assume all the perks of marriage without bothering to get a license ["Parking Violation," WW, Jan. 8, 2014] when a former Oregon governor had the government sit on my marriage license long enough for a majority of Oregon voters to introduce discrimination into our constitution.

I'd be pleased for Kitzhaber to have a serious primary challenger, if only to remind his office of basic ethics.

—"Hans Michael"

I don't care that Cylvia Hayes was going to a club meeting—she could have been going to the dentist for all I care—but she should have to pay for parking. She is no different than anyone else.

—"Sharla Blevins"


Robin Lopez is a very cool dude ["Hotseat," WW, Jan. 8, 2014]. He's smart, doesn't take himself too seriously and he is an important part of a team that could go very far in the playoffs this year.

—"Mike Bitter"

RoLo is such a great addition to our team. I love that all the Blazers are so relatable. How do I invite Robin to join my board-game club in the Pearl?

—"Meg Massie"

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