[FANTASY RAP TOP CHEF] The first thing you notice about Arian Asllani, the Queens-bred rapper who goes by the name Action Bronson, is that his voice sounds almost exactly like Ghostface Killah's. But listen closely for a second and you'll quickly notice a major difference: While Tony Starks has made a career out of detailing the gritty details of the street, Bronson is more like your borderline-ADD stoner younger brother, breathlessly referencing obscure wrestlers, culinary inspirations and the holy pursuit of getting your D wet. Bronson's latest mixtape, Blue Chips 2, is a sequel to the incredible record he made with producer Party Supplies a few years ago. He just goes nuts for 45 minutes, inventing some weird, weed-infused fantasy world where our hero eats oysters at the Cloisters, water-skis in Belize and debates the finer points of getting head at the Lakers game and ordering creme brulee. It's so ridiculous that it somehow works—whether that means flipping Peter Gabriel, Huey Lewis and the News, and motherfucking "Sussudio" on the same song ("Contemporary Man") or making every rapper who ever appeared on MTV's Spring Break jealous by spitting over "Tequila," it's clear these dudes just have a ton of fun taking giant bong rips, nibbling on exotic cheeses and hitting "play" on GarageBand.

SEE IT: Peter’s Room, 8 NW 6th Ave, 971-230-0033. 8 pm Monday, Feb. 3. $20. All ages.