1620 NW 23rd Ave., 894-9374, lompocbrewing.com. 11-1 am Monday-Thursday, 11-2 am Friday-Saturday, 11am-midnight Sunday.

The new New Lompoc Tavern on Northwest 23rd is a poor substitute for the delightfully shabby original. Well, aside from the food, which is better now. And the beer, which is better and more adventurous now that it's made on a larger, cleaner system at the 5th Quadrant space in North Portland. Previously housed in an old shanty with a roof of dripping, green moss and walls seemingly papered with stubbed-out cigarette butts, the Northwest Lompoc reopened last year as a neat little nook on the ground floor of a tony condo complex that also has a froyo shop. Co-founded by noted tobacco enthusiast and legendary local publican Don Younger of Horse Brass fame, this brewpub and its sisters in four of Portland's five quadrants all sell respectable beer and mammoth portions of pub grub. Lompoc bottles regular and imperial IPAs (Kick Axe and C-Note) along with seasonal brews like Monster Mash, but you'll want to swing by the bar for the small-batch stuff, including a playfully light golden saison and a thick bourbon barrel-aged porter. MARTIN CIZMAR.

DRINK THIS: You want the Stout Out Loud and you want it for $2.50 all day on Miser Mondays at the Lompoc Tavern on Northwest 23rd or Oak's Bottom in Westmoreland. You can get the same deal on Tightwad Tuesdays at Hedge House on Division or 5th Quadrant on North Williams.