29380 NE Owls Lane, Newberg, 349-8341, longbrewing.com.
By appointment only.

Former engineer Paul Long was a champion homebrewer before taking his beers to an only slightly larger market. Brewed out in Yamhill County, Long's beer is available in only a few upscale grocery stores, beer shops and restaurants, all listed on his website. The price of a basic porter (often $11) might be intimidating, but Long doesn't brew the kind of beer you drink to get drunk. This is beer you savor, like the light-bodied, hop-forward IPA that fades effortlessly into the next sip. As it reads on the label: Savor the aroma, flavor and finish just as you would a fine wine. JOHN LOCANTHI.

DRINK THIS: Pinot Barrel Aged Paul's Porter. It's only natural that a brewer in Yamhill County would age his beer in a wine barrel. Unlike some beers from Kentucky bourbon barrels, the wine doesn't overpower Long's excelent porter.