1321 NE Couch St., 971-678-7116, By appointment only. 

This time last year, Natian was probably the smallest brewery in town to have cans of its beer in grocery stores—the brewery began three years ago as a mere 1.3-barrel nanobrewery without a tasting room. Rather than plant its flag with a log cabin and growler taps, brewmaster Ian McGuinness has been busy getting his beer into stores and bars. The capacity is now up to 10 barrels and Natian beers are being distributed as far away as Pennsylvania. Pretty much the entirety of the Buckman neighborhood serves as a de facto Natian taproom: starting at Boogie's Burgers & Brew on 9th and Burnside, you can sometimes do a short-hop beer crawl all the way to Horse Brass if you'd like, drinking Natian all the way. The wispy-light Undun Blonde Ale is the most common can and tap—sunshine in a glass, really—but look for the charred chocolate s'more of the Lumberjane Stout. MATTHEW KORFHAGE.

Drink this: Chase down the seasonal McGuinness Milk Stout for an earthy brew with bittersweet Kahlua.