Portland U-Brew & Pub

6237 SE Milwaukie Ave., 943-2727, portlandubrewandpub.com. 11 am-8 pm Tuesday-Wednesday, 11 am-9 pm Thursday, 11 am-10 pm Friday-Saturday, 11 am-6 pm Sunday.

Walk into Sellwood's Portland U-Brew and you can hear the din of hearty voices filling the place. But there's no one in sight. Deeper into this scruffy pub—the furnishings look like they fell off a Goodwill truck—peer down into an open well and see stainless tanks, gauges, hoses, a damp floor and the ball cap-covered heads of DIYers who rent kettle space below so they don't have to buy, clean and store their own wort-chiller coils and carboys. Clearly socializing with other brewers is part of the joy. Later, the party comes upstairs, where it's $1 for a 4-ounce taster from PUB's own brews on eight taps. The food is good enough to get by on (grilled cheese from $4.95 to a meatball panini for $7.95). We liked Red Eye Red, with a terrific balance of hoppy sweetness, and the freshness of the Grapefruit IPA. BRENT WALTH.

DRINK THIS Cooler Scrap, essentially what's in the dustpan from 30-plus kinds of hops used at PUB, all combined into a single IPA.