Rock Bottom

206 SW Morrison St., 796-2739, 11 am-midnight Sunday-Thursday, 11 am-1:30 am Friday-Saturday.

Rock Bottom is essentially the T.G.I. Friday's of craft brewing, offering a solid lineup of inoffensive brews that would pair nicely with jalapeño poppers or artichoke dip. This is not necessarily a criticism. After all, it's hard to be all things to all people. All 30 Rock Bottom locations, from Boston to La Jolla, make their beer onsite. And while most of the lineup is predetermined by the suits in Chattanooga, every location offers its brewmasters the chance to make one-offs. Portland's downtown location is helmed by brewmaster Charlie Hutchins, who recently offered up his own takes on German helles and a drinkable amber alt. The next time Aunt Jan and Uncle Robert are visiting from Ohio, everyone can order a beer to their liking. And maybe some chicken fingers. PENELOPE BASS.

DRINK THIS: Any of the brewmaster's choice concoctions, which rotate.