Three Mugs

2020 NW Aloclek Drive, Suite 108, Hillsboro, 971-322-0232, 2-8 pm Tuesday-Friday, noon-8 pm Saturday, noon-6 pm Sunday. Cash only.

Hillsboro isn't yet a destination location for beer aficionados. There's Vertigo, there's Ambacht, there's a McMenamins and, well… As of February, there's Three Mugs Brewing Company with beer brewed right behind Oregon's largest homebrew shop, Brew Brothers. Not so shockingly, Chris Jennings—the son of Brew Brothers owner Jay Jennings—is an accomplished homebrewer. The back room of Brew Brothers has been converted into an 19-tap pub with a small fridge of bottled beers. Eight to ten of the taps will be switched to the in-house brews as Three Mugs develops. Expect a few hoppy beers, a Pilsner, a barleywine and an experimental brew here and there. Jennings, who sports an Amish-style beard, plans to have some fun before a rotation is set in stone. The guest taps will feature a wide array of beers and ciders. "I'm filling it out with only beers that I would drink," Jennings says as he sips on a Pints Brewing kolsch at one of the small circular wooden tables. Bartenders and regulars gather about the small commercial area in what already feels like Hillsboro's premier beer hangout despite only being open since August. JOHN LOCANTHI.

DRINK THIS: The only beer available at press time was a smooth brown ale left over from Jennings' most recent homebrewing effort.