Two Kilts

14841 SW Tualatin Sherwood Road, Suite 501, Sherwood, 625-1700, 3-10 pm Monday-Saturday.

If you're able to find Two Kilts Brewing tucked away in the corner of an industrial park in Sherwood, you've already won half the battle. Your reward is a slew of experimental, delicious and downright weird brews on offer in their small taproom built into the front half of the brewery. The Scottish ale is satisfyingly smoky, while the herbal heather ale prompts a whoa-what-is-that reaction—the good kind. The oatmeal stout is toasty and creamy and supremely drinkable, which, at 7.5 percent, is a dangerous attribute. Your best bet is to just order a taster tray, which comes with every beer on tap plus the guest cider, and let the experimental drinking begin. Don't be surprised when you end up two kilts to the wind. PENELOPE BASS.

DRINK THIS: Once you've tried everything, end the evening with a full-sized oatmeal stout.