21420 NW Nicholas Court, Suite D-6 & D-7, Hillsboro, 645-6644, 4-8 pm Wednesday-Saturday. 

The taproom at Hillsboro's Vertigo Brewing looks something like a middle-school cafeteria. There are hanging fluorescent lights, long tables and, on a recent visit, a light-up palm tree. You're likely to find patrons playing board games (Brew-Opoly, Jenga, cribbage), eating Godfather's Pizza or petting their large, fluffy dogs. Vertigo's fleece-jacketed owners are former Intel engineers who make a wide variety of beers, including an Apricot Cream that might be popular but still tastes too much like a Haribo gummi to me. Better is the smooth and chocolaty Arctic Blast Vanilla Porter, or the Friar Gone Wild Imperial IPA, a boozy hop-bomb that balances its piney and citrusy notes with aplomb. Pour me a pint of that and sign me up for the next trivia night, please. REBECCA JACOBSON.

DRINK THIS: If you're lucky enough to find it on tap, order the Left Nut Brown, an earthy ale infused with honey.