After releasing 15 albums since 2007, Daniel Lopatin—the artist better known as Oneohtrix Point Never—has created something completely new with his latest effort, 2013's R Plus Seven. Lopatin made a name for himself in late-aughts underground circles as an experimental artist with an eye for soft geography. His whirling synth compositions, noise sensitivities and outrageous song titles (see "Weird Times Docking This Orb" for examples of all three) made for dense yet listenable albums that could be prescribed for pain. But on R Plus Seven, Lopatin expands from where he left off with 2011's Replica, giving rhythm an expanded role and structuring his noise more rigidly. "Americans" builds into a blasting criticism of Chicago juke before layering vocal samples over Reichian vibraphone chords, while "Zebra" will assuredly be the zippy, pop-aware introduction to whatever the nightly news looks like in 25 years. Well-timed arpeggiators keep time through much of the album, while hydrocodone synths keep Lopatin connected to his roots. He is an artist of experiments and constant surprises—expect to hear both at this show.

Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside St., 231-9663. 9 pm Wednesday, Feb. 5. $16-$18. 21+.