If we wait until we have ample money to build good transit, we will never build it ["Tunnel Vision," WW, Feb. 12, 2014].

Our transportation system and funding are so enmeshed in supporting single-occupant vehicles, and there are so many people who wouldn't even consider paying for anything other than cars, only political decisions can make it happen.

As someone who cannot afford a car, I am ecstatic to see any potential for a MAX on Southwest Barbur Boulevard.

The city needs to build practical transportation, that is, for commuting. The streetcar is not one of these. The MAX is essential.

Best of luck, Steve Novick.


It's not about money, it's about making Portland a more desirable place to live.

Cars are a huge scourge because they isolate us, cause huge backups and take up tons of space while they're left unused.


I find it rather dishonest that the city will be asking for a new "sidewalks and roads" tax when they should call it the "light rail/bike share/streetcar tax."

—"Oregon Mamacita"


Rep. Tobias Read (D-Beaverton) has become one of the worst corporate shills in the Legislature ["Predatory Lawmaking," WW, Feb. 12, 2014].

If he's so concerned with homeowners in arrears on their taxes, he can introduce a bill to give them more protection. He won't, because there aren't any deep-pocket lobbyists paying him to do so.

—"JD Mulvey"

The many large corporations in Oregon that are behind in their property taxes should be required to refinance that debt so the counties get the money they are owed.

—"Roger Kofler"


Every time I read something like this from a 30-something woman and hear "it's so hard," my reaction is: Yes, it is, because you make it that way ["Bowling for Love," WW, Feb. 12, 2014].

Those attractive men who fire off sparks, who are grounded, interesting, successful, but are still wanting a family and to settle down? They are already taken; they already found that great woman.

You don't get everything you want. Pick one or two things that really matter and stick to that. Admit that your standards are impractical and watch in amazement as plenty of men suddenly become available.


I totally agree with this article. I have been online dating for about four years, and I am done. It is a lot of work and I think the kind of guy I am looking for must not be online here in Portland.


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