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February 19th, 2014 12:01 am WW Culture Staff | Scoop

Scoop: Free Pussy Riot.

scoop_piper_4016RODDY PIPER - IMAGE: Ming Man
  • ROWDY THE MOVIE: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, the legendary WWF wrestler who moved to Hillsboro three decades ago to escape angry Hulk Hogan fans, is the subject of a documentary due this year. Behind the Villain, filmed by Web-soap/B-movie actor and cinematographer Aton Sanz-Katz, is currently in post-production. On his Twitter account, Sanz-Katz promised that Piper “makes Ty Cobb look like Mary Poppins.” Last month, Piper also teamed with members of the E Street Band to record an autobiographical song called “Off the Top Rope” to benefit cancer charities.
  • FILTERED OUT: Stumptown is moving away from French press. The Portland-founded, New York-owned coffee roaster switched its ready-made coffee from press to filter at every location in town as of Valentine’s Day. The change was first noted by coffee blog Sprudge.com. Jason Overby, Stumptown’s general retail manager, told WW the move to filter coffee reflects changing tastes and times, and that local cafes would still offer French press to order. But it’s still a big switch for Stumptown, once one of the only spots to offer French press in every cup, as opposed to companies like Starbucks that use filter-based machines. The move from French press to filter happened first in Los Angeles and New York, with Portland following behind. Overby says they wanted to test the change in newer markets before risking the ire of their hometown.
  • OPEN AND SHUT: About a year and a half after it was first announced, Clyde Common basement bar Pépé le Moko finally opened its doors Feb. 14. The website allows patrons to make bar reservations. >> The chef with the longest four-year résumé in Portland, Daniel Mondok (Carlyle, June, Sel Gris, Paulee, Foster Burger, Wafu, Block & Tackle, Genoa, Food in Bloom), moved off from Food in Bloom catering after four months and will come on as executive chef at Swank & Swine, the upcoming restaurant for the Paramount Hotel at 808 SW Taylor St. >> Meanwhile, a growler and taphouse microchain from Hermiston and Silverton will be moving into Portland…barely. Neighbor Dudes Tap House has slated a location for the very southern tip of Sellwood, at 2015 SE Ochoco St.
  • BUILDING BRIDGES: Official word isn’t out yet, but news is leaking about this year’s Bridgetown Comedy Festival. By consulting social media and inside sources, WW has compiled a preliminary list of local comics accepted to the festival. All five of WW’s Funniest 5—Amy Miller, Shane Torres, Nathan Brannon, Kristine Levine and Bri Pruett—are in, as well as Alex Falcone, Sean Jordan, Curtis Cook, Katie Nguyen, beloved Mercury blogger Barbara Holm and others. Bridgetown spokeswoman Maura Brown says the full slate of locals should be announced by Friday, Feb. 21, with news about big-name headliners to come during the next few weeks. This year’s fest runs May 8-11.
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