Here we are on the verge of getting marriage equality in Oregon, and folks on our side of the aisle are taking shots at Basic Rights Oregon, arguably the most important state LGBTQ organization in the country ["Winning by Default," WW, Feb. 26, 2014].

BRO's leadership in 2004 was a step forward in moving the conversation around marriage, not unlike the work done in California during the same time.

During the last decade, Oregon has been a testing ground for other states with its Marriage Matters campaign. In fact, when President Obama came out in support of the freedom to marry in May 2012, he used a message tested in Oregon under BRO's leadership.

The people quoted in this piece should be thanking BRO for its leadership, not taking shots when we are on the cusp of victory.

—"Diane Goodwin"

Basic Rights Oregon can cite all the metrics it wants, but here's the principle that matters: Gay marriage is legal in other states, but banned in Oregon.

No amount of cherry-picking and passion is going to change the fact that gay people can't marry in Oregon.

—"R Bonwell parker"

As an LGBT person, the work that Basic Rights Oregon has done over the past decades has completely changed my life. Willamette Week, I'm sad that instead of acknowledging and celebrating the hard work of BRO volunteers, staff and supporters, you seek to drive a wedge in the progressive community.

I am incredibly thankful for BRO and the thousands of people who have volunteered, donated and courageously stepped forward to build a world in which I can live happily and with dignity.



Indeed, stolen instruments suck ["Audio Jacked," WW, Feb. 26, 2014]. I feel for any musician who has instruments stolen, as usually you develop an emotional attachment to the instrument you play.

However, musicians, particularly touring musicians, should know that instrument insurance is available that covers damage and theft. It is good at the practice space, when on tour, and pretty much covers the replacement cost of your instruments.

If you are hitting the road with $25,000 of gear, it makes a lot of sense to protect yourself financially from a theft (or an accident).



Last week's story "Winning by Default" incorrectly stated that the Defense of Marriage Coalition filed its 2004 ballot measure the day Multnomah County began marrying gay couples. In fact, it was filed the day before.

Accompanying the same story, a U.S. map highlighting the states that allow same-sex marriage misidentified Illinois. WW regrets the errors.

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