Oregon's schools will stay afloat--barely--in the fall. After signing on to the governor's "bare minimum" $5.3 billion education budget, the state's schools will only have to weather $200 million worth of cuts--far less than initial projections--if lawmakers agree.

The intellectually curious, the unemployed and computerless porn freaks among us celebrated on July 7 as the Multnomah County Library finally re-opened on Mondays. The only glitch was that so many people have been turned away on previous Mondays that attendance was sparse.

It may be the off-season, but the Trail Blazers' Damon Stoudamire is still scoring. On Thursday, Stoudamire was busted for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia--his third such arrest in two years--in the Tucson Airport, making the Blazer's commitment to keeping it clean go up in a cloud of smoke.

Air Force Wha? New market data reveals that boutique brands like Puma and Converse are beginning to eat into Nike's market share by offering less-expensive retro styles such as the Puma California, Roma and GV Horizon, and Converse's ever-present Chuck Taylors.

Tough break for smug, insecure drivers: That clever vanity plate you dreamed up might just get censored by the man. Oregon's Supreme Court has ruled that the plates are not a protected form of self-expression, forever spoiling the plans of SEXBOT, 40 SIPN and COW ASS.

The Portland Police Bureau was sputtering along, public relations-wise, until a spate of bad headlines hit last week. First, a public forum on the Kendra James shooting raised more questions than it answered. Then news broke that records are missing from the city's archive of police shootings, providing fresh fodder for cop critics.