632 E Burnside St., 233-3113. 4 pm-2:30 am daily.

The B-side's "bar menu" is stickered white microwave topped with a porcelain poodle and framed by airbrushed artwork, metal show posters and purchasable panties advertising "I like it in the B-Side." The bar has ambitions as a metal dive—a sign warns "Employees must carve Slayer into arms before returning to work"—but a Public Enemy comp sits across from High on Fire's Blessed Black Wings in the wall-mounted jukebox. The drippy but warm back patio is a welcome spot to enjoy a beer year-round, and with taps from the likes of Elysian, Amnesia and GoodLife under $5, there'll be enough change to continue crawling Burnside. MITCH LILLIE.

Crappy hour: 4-7 pm daily. $1 Hamm's, Rainier and Tecate tallboys.  
Entertainment: Rolling Stones pinball, a jukebox and cigarettes. Lots of cigarettes.