6031 SE Belmont St., 222-6014, cheese-bar.com, 11 am-11 pm Tuesday-Sunday, closed Monday.

Just as the cheese comes before the bar in its name, the Cheese Bar considers itself first and foremost a cut-to-order retail cheese counter and artisan deli. This, however, also makes it nearly the ideal drinking establishment because, as anyone drunk or sober can attest, cheese is delicious. Thus combining a beautifully curated selection of beers and wines with a cheese shop is Nobel-worthy brilliance. And it's not unusual to find the mastermind himself, cheesemonger Steve Jones, serving you personally, so feel free to fire away with questions about the perfect cheesy accompaniment for your Orval Trappist Ale or the ideal beverage to balance your soft-ripened Camembert. With a rotating selection of more than 200 cheeses, 50 bottled beers and 30 wines, good luck walking away without the world's most awesome, lactose-induced hangover. PENELOPE BASS.

Entertainment: Cheese.