736 SE Grand Ave., 971-279-4409, digaponyportland.com. 4 pm-2 am daily.

Giving Rontoms a run for its money as the neighborhood's go-to spot for good-looking dudes in designer skinny jeans vying for the attention of vintage dress-clad beauties, you'd be forgiven for mistaking the Beatles-referencing Dig a Pony for a trendy bar in the Silver Lake neighborhood of LA. That is, until you see that most Portland of bar oddities: The single-file line, jutting all the way back to the wall as people wait for a drink, despite the fact that there's a gigantic fucking horseshoe bar in the middle of the dimly lit, shabby-chic space. There will be two or three bartenders working, but only one actually taking orders, so skip the perfectly fine Manhattan ($8) and double-fist PBRs. It'll help you avoid that line…. But hey, if the point of hanging at DAP is to catch somebody's eye, maybe it's best to line up like a well-coiffed bull.

Happy hour: 5-7 pm daily. $3 wells, brews and food specials.

Entertainment: DJs.