2845 SE Stark, 239-9292, thegoodfoot.com, 5 pm-2:30 am daily

The Goodfoot is a kitchen-sink kind of bar in all the best ways possible. Upstairs, it's a chill neighborhood pub, where curated rock- and movie-based art changes on a daily basis, amateurs participate in weekly drink-and-draw sessions while sipping on craft pints from the rotating tap, and pool sharks and pinball wizards provide the ball-clacking soundtrack that sometimes drowns out the hippie music on the PA. Downstairs, meanwhile, is a low-ceilinged venue that could be mistaken for an underground jazz club if the musicians didn't skew jam and funk. Every Friday the downstairs lounge hosts one of the city's best soul dance parties. You might call the Goodfoot schizophrenic, but all the personalities commingle into one of the neighborhood's essential bars.  

Happy hour: 5-9 pm daily. Food specials, $2 PBR, $1 off cocktails and $2 off pitchers.
Entertainment: TV, pinball, pool, jukebox, live music, trivia, art.