2715 SE Belmont St., 764-9023. 3 pm-2:30 am Monday-Friday, 2 pm-2:30 am Saturday-Sunday.

Alberta Street party dive The Nest, which was destroyed in a fire last year (the sole evacuee was a cat, which firefighters treated with oxygen), inspired virulent loyalty among its regulars—enough so that they followed the bar south to its brand-new location in a multistory Buckman house. Most of the DNA's intact, if rearranged: the same boudoir paintings in the bar, the same sun-and-moon mural on the patio. A ping-pong table stands in a garagelike rec-room space, while a pool table is tucked into an upstairs bachelor-pad den that seems made for hanky-panky. Man in Black-cover band Counterfeit Cash once again plays first Fridays and the drinks are still cheap and stiff and basic. Many Northeast Portland regulars have moved or branched out to Southeast, and they trickle two-by-two through the door. Consider it a punk-rock family reunion in a little cabin in the wilds of Belmont. 

Happy hour: 3-7 pm daily. $3.50 micros, $2.50 wells.
Entertainment: Pool, pingpong, patio, Blazer games, Johnny Cash covers.