Star Bar

639 SE Morrison St., 232-5553,, 4pm-2:30am daily.

If it weren't for the fierce competition among tots-and-tall boy joints in Southeast Portland, Star Bar would have never had to hone its craft this tightly to pack in the metal bros and Rod-Stewart-haired children of Johnny Thunders. The tap selection is liberal, the whiskey is cheap, and the sliders are a steal at $2 during happy hour. But the cliques of leather-clad Sabbath worshippers and the '70s rockers who take the bar's name as a totem aren't really here for cheap drinks. As a clique of Tony Iommi look-alikes spill out of a misty Club Wagon across the street on a recent Metal Monday, it's revealed that cheap drinks are secondary to the communal vibe of getting plastered while Thin Lizzy is cranked to 11. PETE COTTELL.

Happy hour: 4 pm-8 pm daily. $3 wells, $3 micros, $1.50 PBR pints, $5 house wine.
Entertainment: Metal Monday, pinball, live music a few times a month.