Low Brow Lounge

1036 NW Hoyt St., 226-0200. 3 pm-2:30 am Tuesday-Sunday.

The Pearl isn't where you'd expect to find a dive bar. As you walk past the bouncer—who looks about one phone call away from being arrested for loitering—and into the bar's dark innards, you get the feeling that the Low Brow Lounge doesn't want to be found. There is just enough light to find my way to a black couch underneath some faux palm leaves. As I sip on a Double Mountain IRA ($5.25), people flutter in and out of sight like wraiths as they pick up drinks from the bar and return to their booths tucked into the walls, all hiding out together to scarf down some mini corn dogs ($4.50) in one of the of the last real dives in the Pearl. JOHN LOCANTHI.

Happy hour: 5-7 pm daily. $1 off drinks.
Entertainment: Buck Hunter!