Luc Lac

835 SW 2nd Ave., 222-0047, 4 pm-midnight Monday-Thursday, 4 pm-4 am Friday-Saturday.

There comes a point in every night of drunken debauchery when your mind drifts from getting drunker to getting some food. Not just any food: greasy, fatty fried food. The kind of food you might talk yourself out of when sober. Luc Lac understands you, but it offers alternatives. Your first sight upon walking in is the entire Vietnamese menu on a set of wood panels: spring rolls, meat skewers, pho, banh mi, jade noodles, the list goes on. And don't worry, it also understands the part of you that wants to be drunker. The $5 microbrews help the minutes fly by while you wait to be seated. Just try to remember the next time you stumble into Luc Lac at 3 am Sunday morning: 4 on their 0-to-4 heat scale is really fucking spicy. JOHN LOCANTHI.

Happy hour: 4-7 pm Monday-Saturday. Food specials, $4 microbrews, $6 wine, $6 "dealer's choice" cocktail.