1331 SW Broadway, 222-7673, 4 pm-midnight Tuesday-Saturday.

Located above the Raven & Rose restaurant in the historic Ladd Carriage House, the massive fireplace, cavernous attic ceilings and sheer upholstery of the Rookery exude class. While the beer selection is nothing to sneeze at, this bar is more appropriate for a fantastic Sim's Old Fashioned ($12) using Eagle Rare 12-year, named for the founder of Reed College. An old CPA rambles on about how the building was moved and then returned back to this location—"but 7 inches off!" the bartender corrects—as I bite into a pickled cauliflower ($5). The bartender slips my tab into a copy of the Old Mr Boston De Luxe Official Bartender's Guide, one of 185 different bartending guides on hand, in case I "want to order anything else." Another Old Fashioned, please. JOHN LOCANTHI.

Happy hour: 4-6pm Tuesday-Friday. Food specials, $7 wines, $5 select beers.