Atlantis Lounge

3552 N Mississippi Ave., 288-3231, 5 pm-midnight Sunday-Thursday, 5 pm-1 am Friday-Saturday.

With its low-slung ceiling, windowless walls and stained-glass mermaid paraphernalia, Atlantis Lounge approximates a ship's hold. Though it may not be as committed to its nautical theme as, say, Linnton's Lighthouse Inn, remember that this bar looks out on a pizza parlor, not the mighty Columbia, and the music outside is likely to be a painfully earnest bluegrass set. A cushy black booth spans two walls, hugging beat-up wooden tables and facing a narrow bar where a bartender prepares cocktails designed less for salty-mouthed sailors than for a Caribbean cruise—think guava coladas and lots of scurvy-thwarting orange juice. REBECCA JACOBSON.

Happy Hour: 5-6 pm daily. $3-$5.50 drinks.
Entertainment: Eavesdropping on music, ogling mermaid boobs.