Florida Room

435 N Killingsworth St., 287-5658. 3 pm-2 am daily.

Florida Room isn't subtle. The exit lever on the front door says, "Get Out," while an ever-changing marquee on Killingsworth frequently encourages passersby to "suck it." But the front window display, featuring a nativity of demonic, blood-soaked holiday mascots, gives way to a cozy, dimly lit interior with ample booth seating, and a porch with a loyal roster of chain-smokers, dog owners and perky PCC students. As for drinks, well, there's whiskey, and $1 cans of Old German around the clock. They've also got a selection of bloody marys ($5.50-$8.50). The Mary Magdalene ($5.75), a dirty martini with a splash of bloody mix, is a tasty combination of flavors and probably the classiest thing you could be seen carrying around this joint. GRACE STAINBACK.

Happy Hour: 3-7 pm daily. Fifty cents off drafts and wells, and bloody marys Saturday and Sunday; food specials.
Entertainment: Patio, pinball machines, pool table, photo booth.