The Foggy Notion

3416 N Lombard St., 240-0249, 5 pm-2:30 am Tuesday-Sunday.

Big changes could be coming to the Foggy Notion. Or...not. In early March, the North Lombard dive, our sources say, was subject to the attentions of Belly Up!, a Cooking Channel show that reinvents bar-food menus. But a visit shortly after the TV shoot revealed few changes: a bit of furniture rearrangement seemingly in the name of feng shui, some new wall art (including an uninspired knockoff of the White Stag sign) and the tragic removal of both the dome hockey table and psychedelic pony paintings. Bangers and mash had been added to the otherwise unchanged food menu of pierogi and mozzarella balls, and the booze still straddled the line between refinement and punk-rock (small-batch Gompers gin from Bend; pints of Rainier). I'd implore the Foggy Notion not to push for further alterations. With its cassette-tape votive holders and countertops decorated with Prince and Ozzy Osbourne record covers—not to mention the big ol' stack of board games that includes Battleship, Scattergories and Bibleopoly ("Wavering faith sends you back 7 spaces")—this 4-year-old outpost has character beyond its years. REBECCA JACOBSON.

Happy Hour: 5-8 pm daily. $1 off wells, drafts, specialty drinks and food entrees.
Entertainment: Live music, trivia, bingo, Skee-Ball, pinball, jukebox, board games, patio.