Red Fox

5128 N Albina Ave., 282-2934, 3 pm-1:30 am daily.

Red Fox is a particular version of neighborhood bar. While the customers might come from anywhere, the bar has formed a neighborhood with the businesses that surround it. Mississippi Records lets the bar borrow records, when patrons don't bring their own on Sundays (which they've often bought at Mississippi). Summers, there's a fish toss in the little park alongside Cherry Sprout produce co-op. People hang on that front patio like it's their friend's house, sipping from one of four taps, eating a fine burger, owning the shop. Just take note: That beer mirror behind the bar is hundreds of years old, and it used to belong to the owner's great-grandfather. The whole bar was designed around it. That's the kind of place this is—it's like the deep cut on an old record. Not as obvious, but with a lot more soul. MATTHEW KORFHAGE.

Happy Hour: 3-6 pm daily. Food specials, $1 off beer and wells.