The Know

2026 NE Alberta St., 473-8729, 3 pm-2:30 am daily.

An iconic punk club that's never entirely fit any incarnation of its neighborhood, the Know enjoys a sparkling international reputation as a venue (high ceilings, large stage, good PA) and a sorta beloved status among artists deserving far larger rooms (Jonathan Richman's played residencies his last two tours). The bar side, curtained off from near nightly shows, keeps Pabst cold and pinball humming with minimal flair and a disheveled aesthetic less dingy than well-creased—like leathers bought used and worn daily. As the vintage Packers memorabilia and threadbare Patriots banner suggest, there's a cold-weather determinism to the solid core of regulars toasting the end of the workday and supporting favored bands with a dutiful certainty, which is always half the battle. JAY HORTON.

What plays: Punk rock, plus the occasional Russian punk rock.