Landmark Saloon

4847 SE Division St., 894-8132, 4 pm-2 am Monday-Thursday, 2 pm-2 am Friday-Saturday, 2 pm-midnight Sunday.

Purchasing property along the very edge of the eastern frontier—a stone's throw from both Petite Provence and Ace's Quick Cash—the three friends behind Landmark seemingly needed only to add a few benches and cornhole lanes to the rangy backyard-turned-patio and wait for Southeast homesteaders to bring along kids and dogs and food cart BBQ for an ongoing hootenanny that spans the sunnier seasons. Lord only knows the labors required to convert the house into a preferred venue for the cream of our local Americana circuit, sleek hardwoods and starkly ornate furnishings blend seamlessly with the bristling baritones and small-batch bourbons poured into Mason jars for an airbrushed authenticity the ideal of this new-old country. JAY HORTON.

What plays:  Honky-tonk. Also cornhole and horseshoes.