232 SW Ankeny St., 248-1600, 5 pm-2:30 am daily.

Often switching between legit punk shows and DJ nights meant as bachelorette attractant, Valentines occupies a strange space in downtown Portland—to say nothing of its physical location, with massive windows overlooking the picnic table-stuffed 200 block of Southwest Ankeny. The split-level bar can feel as cramped as a loft party on weekend nights, but it otherwise comes as a welcome respite from the doughnut-peddling and general douchery of its surrounds. The summery cocktails they do, they do well. The Yojimbo ($8) is the best Chuhai analog this side of Biwa, and bourbon and fresh lemonade ($8) is boozy but airy and refreshing. Depending on the night, however, you might be the only one without a can of Rainier in hand. MITCH LILLIE.

What plays: Indie this and that. Can vary wildly night to night, but you can always see the performers through the glass and take a listen just as easily.