The World Famous Kenton Club

2025 N Kilpatrick St., 285-3718, 10:30-2:30 am daily.

A virgin visit to this North Portland dive bar is sure to elicit a "Where the fuck am I?" The dark wood-paneled, windowless cavern was a (semi-) rough biker and rocker hangout until about five years ago—a guy here tells me he wouldn't have brought a girl here. These days, the members of the Flying 15 motor club stop by now and then, but they're a more friendly set who "don't hate the gays," says a bartender. Garage bands usually play Thursday through Saturday on a corner stage, and the food is generic fried fare, if the cook is there and in a good mood. But the beer is cheap, the staff has a worn wisdom, and the place never closes early. AARON SPENCER.

What plays: Weirdo rock bands.