The water ain't so muddy on this one as WW suggests: It's a simple case of big corporations trying to take over the Water Bureau to cut their rates (not ours) and take over the Bureau of Environmental Services to gut the environmental protections that make Portland such a great place to live ["Talkin' Bull," WW, April 23, 2014].

Yes, the City Council made some mistakes that made room for these opportunists to trick people into supporting their takeover. But those infamous "pet projects" barely add up to a rounding error in the Water Bureau's budget.

What is driving the high rates is the Big Pipe and burying the reservoirs. I'm against the reservoir project, but there is nothing a new board could do to stop it. If they try, they will get sued, they will lose, they will bury the reservoirs—with the added expense of all those legal fees.

Listen to the chorus of civic groups that are paying close attention.

Don't be fooled! Vote "no" on Measure 26-156.

—"Xander Patterson"

Elected volunteer boards are supervising utility districts all across Oregon, and doing a pretty good job. Take the paid politicians out of the equation, and let the utilities focus on their core business.


The infrastructure projects are necessary. I am voting to keep the water and sewer system in city control. I do not like the corporate interests with so much power, if they win this battle at the polls.



Well, at least this guy has been behind bars all this time and not out running around. That ought to be of some comfort ["Justice Derailed," WW, April 23, 2014].


That there could even be the mere perception that such a person were getting out just demonstrates where our so-called "justice" system truly lies. There are untold (and uncounted) numbers of innocent people rotting away in prison right now, because they simply were not "savvy enough" to game the process.

—"Damos Abadon"


Wait a minute! I thought Saint Jim was all about job creation ["It's the Real Thing," WW, April 23, 2014]. He didn't seem to even know the county had a health department.

Then he spots a contribution from Coca-Cola to his rival, and it renews his concern over childhood obesity while he conveniently forgets he had tried to tap them himself?

Go back to your welding lessons, Francesconi.

—"Dave Lister"


Must everything have a label? ["The Fleecing of America," WW, April 23, 2013.] They're clothes. Put them on and shut up.

—"Dave Fitzpatrick"

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