I wanted to say thanks for the thorough endorsements and explanations ["Don't Piss It Away," WW, April 30, 2014]. I'm relatively new to Portland (three years) and appreciate that you discussed all the candidates and gave some political history for background.

—"Melinda Hasting"

I always rely on reading WW and then making the right decision by voting exactly the opposite of their endorsements. Looks like that's a good strategy yet again.

—"James Hedman"

It sounds like you guys weren't at the rally where City Commissioner Dan Saltzman called for removing the state's minimum-wage pre-emption, after Nicholas Caleb pointed out that the City Council could direct the city's lobbyists to push for that.

Maybe you should've checked Saltzman's website instead of pretending that didn't happen so you could make a weak argument for endorsing him.

—"Paul Cone"

Sorry, WW, but I'm voting Caleb for the City Council. Portland's had enough of that corporate-owned politician, Saltzman.

—"Tommy Murray"

If you and your paper are endorsing those who only agree with your liberal, anti-American agenda, and anyone with a brain gives any credence to it, we will have even more idiots like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and President Obama running this country into the ground.


Thank you, WW, for your unbiased endorsement of Jason Conger in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. He did beat a Democratic incumbent in Bend for state representative, which says something. The interview you wrote about shows that Dr. Monica Wehby is better suited for neurosurgery than politics.


Vote "yes" for the water district [Measure 26-156]. There has to be some sort of accountability for gross mismanagement. "They'll do better next time" hasn't worked for decades now. They never get it.

WW, see your own article on the Bureau of Environmental Services' new Taj Mahal ["Space of Waste," WW, April 30, 2014]. If you don't have the courage to back up your convictions, you are just talkers.


Good job, WW! I will be voting "no" on Measure 26-156. The backers of this measure want to cover up the facts by getting folks emotional and angry. A typical Republican strategy.


I tried to read your articles, but all I saw was "blah, blah, blah, blah."

—"Midnight Ride"

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