• Amy Miller: See Jesse Elias! Not that Jesse needs my help to convince people he’s a genius, but I think Jesse’s a genius. We started around the same time in San Francisco, and he was one of the people who constantly made me feel like I should just give up because I would never be as smart as he is. He makes cereal funny. Eagles Lodge, 10 pm Thursday. Alhambra Theatre Lounge, 8 pm Friday. Alhambra Theatre, 10 pm Saturday. Eagles Lodge, 8 pm Sunday.
  • Shane Torres: The CrabFeast is the funniest podcast you may not have heard of. Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson have comedians come in and tell some of the funniest stories you have ever heard in your life. It’s the thing I look forward to every Toozedee (Tuesday) morning. Doug Fir Lounge, 1 pm Saturday.
  • Nathan Brannon: I’m looking forward to James Adomian. His creativity is very entertaining, and even more inspiring to me as a comedian. You can always expect him to do something unexpected, onstage and off. White Owl Social Club, 8 pm Friday. Alhambra Theatre Lounge, 10 pm Friday. Hawthorne Theatre, 11 pm Friday. Alhambra Theatre, 8 pm Saturday. Analog Theater, 11 pm Saturday. Alhambra Theatre, midnight Saturday. Doug Fir Lounge, 10 pm Sunday.
  • Kristine Levine: I just discovered Mary Mack and fell in love. She has an evil innocence that is completely disarming. You just don’t see her coming, and then bam! Punched in the gut with funny. Hawthorne Theatre, 8 and 9 pm Thursday. Hawthorne Theatre, 7 pm Friday. Bossanova, midnight Friday. Jupiter Hotel tent, 9 pm Saturday. Hawthorne Theatre, 8 pm Sunday.
  • Bri Pruett: Kyle Mizono is an L.A.-based super-silly joke magician. Yes, she’s an Asian-American female (which is so hot right now), but she’s also a creature from another universe who will build absurd castles of comedy before your eyes. I’m confident she could make an audience of babies laugh as hard as an audience of doctor and lawyers. It’s smart comedy, because it’s instinctual. Bar of the Gods, 9 pm Thursday. Hawthorne Theatre, 9 pm Friday. White Owl Social Club, midnight Saturday. Hawthorne Theatre, 7 pm Sunday.
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