WW: Can you tell me about your first encounter with Sasquatch and the Star People?

Kewaunee Lapseritis: Back in September of 1979, I was on Native American property. I had an encounter; a Sasquatch started talking to me telepathically. I kept thinking, "What's going on here?" But every time I thought something, he would answer it. And minutes later, an ET started talking to me, and I said, "I don't see you." And he said, "Well, I'm in what you people call a UFO. I'm just above you, in another dimension." They told me to write a book about it, which I did. I've written two now, and they want me to write a third book.

Why did they want you to write a book?

Because people think they're animals when they are an evolved people who are interdimensional. And they want people to know that they're not monsters. They don't want to be shot at by ignorant hunters. And they want us to stop destroying the planet, because the planet's dying and they're very attuned to Earth energy.

So you've written that Sasquatch is an alien that was brought here millions of years ago but is different than what you call the Star People, who are more like what we would consider a typical alien to look like.

Yes, but I've seen seven different alien types. There are many of them; they're attracted to people who are nonviolent. They're attracted to people who are very caring, who are compassionate and that care about the planet and people. And they're attracted to those people, and contact them. And they've used me as a middleman between their world and ours. This summer, they're going to take me through a portal to a parallel world, and they want me to write about it in a third book.

Why are they going to take you?

Because I'm a professional writer. Because I'm a scientist with credentials. They're very selective about what information they want out there. Because I've been able to do that for them, and I don't have any fear of them, and my life is devoted to God and to helping people. So they like what I do.

So can you provide a brief synopsis of the relationship between Sasquatch and ETs? You said you were spoken to by both.

Right, and many different ones have come since then, and talked with me. In 2012, I had a brain tumor and the ETs took me six times and dissolved it. So I'm perfectly fine now.

That's obviously very good. So what is the relationship between the people who live in the forest and the people who fly the UFOs?

There are many different beings living in our forests, not just Sasquatch. Many different ones. They've been here for millions of years but they use portals to go in and out of. And the ETs use the portals, too. So when the ETs need help doing mining work for different minerals on our planet, they ask the Sasquatch to help because they're so super-powerful and they can move gigantic rocks and stuff to help them.

You seem to not get along that well with Sasquatch hunters.

No, why should I? They want to murder these people. That's crazy! They don't even know what they're shooting at. That's nutty, that's psychopathic!

What about the people who don't want to shoot a Sasquatch, that just want to get photos of them. Do you get along with them?

Yes, but the Sasquatch say the people with cameras want to exploit them, to make money from them, and they won't allow it.

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