There's a lot of glass at Stammtisch (401 NE 28th Ave., 206-7983,, the new German pub from the owners of Prost. Before you see the small wooden sign advertising this above-ground ratskeller, you'll see the massive windows open to the streets of Kerns. Once you get inside, you'll see glassware stacked to the ceiling behind the bar. Stammtisch not only has branded glasses for all the bier here, it has them in all three available sizes, from 0.3 liters up to a 2-liter Bitburger boot (around $20 for 67.6 ounces). If there's any big trend in the Portland bar scene this year, it's slavish attention to a specific European drinking culture, whether that's the Abbey's massive selection of Belgian beers or Kachka's 50-deep Russian vodka list. At Stammtisch, that means a buttered pretzel served with mustard, paprika cheese and schmaltz, and curried french fries, plus a very noble 18-tap German beer roster. Order the big boot of Veltins Pilsner ("hoppy—German hoppy, not Portland hoppy," the waitress says) and you might feel inclined to honor the pub's motto, loosely translated as "here sit those who always sit here.” 

Note: The size on the boot has been corrected to 2 liters. The original article listed the price ($9.50) and size for the 1-liter beers, which are not boots.