photos by Kathleen Marie

Luau Wraps Sandwich Bag

Created by two Portland moms who wanted to take reusable cotton lunch bags to the next level, Luau Wraps are a simple, cheap and effective way to haul a sammie to work. Each wrap is lined with nylon and PEVA to keep foods fresh and dry. With the variety of sizes and cute fabrics, you can match your wrap to a fanciful vintage lunchbox.

Finex Cast-Iron Skillet

Everyone loves Lodge products, but you get a lot of benefits with this full-featured modern cooking pan. Portland-based Finex makes a 12-inch, cast-iron skillet that weighs in at a hefty 8 pounds and is clearly built for the long haul. The pan has a spring handle for a cool touch and is octagon-shaped for easy pouring from every direction.

The Portland Press

Bucket was founded by Bryan Kappa and Rob Story, with the intention of creating consumer goods for which they could document every step in the manufacturing process. For example: The Portland Press is a French press-style coffeemaker comprising lids made of Eastern hard rock maple by B&L Wood Creations in Hillsboro, wool from Puddleduck Farm woven by Creekside Fiber Mill in Lebanon, and metal bits by Custom Stamping & Manufacturing in Southeast Portland, all put together by Tualatin Valley Workshop. It often sells out as fast as it comes in stock, so snag one while you can.

Pigeon Toe Arrows Berry Colander

While $90 may initially seem steep for a berry colander, what you're buying from Pigeon Toe is a handmade ceramic that will look more like a piece of art than a tool in your kitchen. Pigeon Toe seeks to provide customers with functional heirlooms, meaning this colander is something you can leave to your grandkids.

Oh, Little Rabbit Screen-Printed Towels

Oh, Little Rabbit is an Etsy shop run by Jason and Cara Hibbs featuring dozens of organic cloth products—lunch bags, onesies, tea towels, totes and napkins—screen-printed with the couple's original illustrations. The ink is nontoxic and water-based. Our favorites are the tea towels screen-printed with the oh-so-Portland bikes and Mason jar vases.

Pendleton Grand Lodge Dinnerware, prices vary

Pendleton is about as Oregon as it gets and an icon of the Pacific Northwest. The Grand Lodge dinnerware set harks back to the company's long tradition. It's produced by a century-old china-maker that once supplied dinnerware to railroad dining cars and lodges.

Out of the Woods of Oregon Oregon State Board and Slicer, $12.95-$18.95

This Oregon-shaped alder board doubles as a cutting surface and serving board, though we recommend you use one side for cutting to keep the serving side free from chop marks. One can't help but surge with pride for our state when you consider how lucky we are: Floridians have an awfully useless serving shape. Out of the Woods of Oregon also makes a unique bread-and-bagel slicer from Oregon alder that's guaranteed never to need sharpening.

Sweet Pea Linens Driftwood Placemat

Sweet Pea Linens, an Oregon City company that has expanded nationally since its 1996 startup, sells wedge placemats designed to fit on round tables. While there are myriad fabric choices available, the "driftwood" variety is our favorite because it's made of plastic and easily maintained with just a wet cloth.