The exotic animals held at the zoo are alarmingly unwell, and I can't help but think they should not be there at all ["12 Mammals That Matter to the Oregon Zoo," WW, May 28, 2014].

I personally cannot go to the zoo because of the distress and depression so many of the animals display.

It's disturbing to consider what this caged misery is teaching our kids about animals, and about how we humans treat animals.

It's even worse to think what the daily lives of these animals are like. Why can't they be kindly re-homed in good sanctuaries?

Making them wait for years for small (and expensive) habitat improvements does not seem like good care.


Only weeks after the election, I am telling people "I told you so" again. How dare Tom Hughes take a hands-off approach to dealing with any question of animal abuse or a major arm of Metro like the zoo? This is not the leadership people deserve.

I am so tired of elected officials not taking personal responsibility over their duties. Hughes is as bad as the City Council and the mayor in dealing with the aftermath of the water-boil debacle.

—"Jeremiah Johnson"

We have a long way to go as a species when, in this day and age, we are still keeping highly intelligent animals in tiny enclosures so that we can gawk at them. It's really pathetic.



If you move into an area where there are vacant blocks, one might just expect some construction noise when buildings get built on those blocks ["Piling On," WW, May 28, 2014].

Pile driving only takes place for a few weeks. Stop whining and get on with life. Portland has way bigger issues than this.


What we want is a different version of the pile driving currently used in Portland. We don't want to stop development. We are not against development, but we do want to be treated as if we matter.

Portland officials exclaim far and wide that Portland is the "livable city." Seriously? Well, not for us at the Sitka Apartments for the next six months.

—"Candis Condo"


I know this flow chart is in jest, but is it just me or does there seem to exist in this town a disproportionate fixation with people on bicycles breaking traffic laws as opposed to someone in a 2-ton vehicle doing the exact same thing? ["Stop! Don't Stop!, WW, May 28, 2014.]

I see just as many cars running stop signs, dodging pedestrians, blowing through occupied crosswalks, etc., as I do people on bikes, only the incidents are far more dangerous, obviously.


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