Summer offers a lousy conundrum for film fans: Do you stay in the dark and air-conditioned multiplex and watch stuff explode? Or do you go outside and, you know, do normal summer things?
Luckily, you live in Portland, so you can have your popcorn and eat it outside, too. We’ve assembled a superteam of outdoor movie series and picked the single must-see screening at each. When your mother tells you to go outside, you can comply without missing Swayze under the stars.

Movies at Dusk

Pix Patisserie, 2225 E Burnside St. Wednesdays through Sept. 24.

Best for: Those who prefer petit fours to Goobers.

Golden ticket: There's a lot of variety in Pix's lineup—everything from Breakin' to The Grifters will play on the patisserie's sprawling patio—but pairing French desserts with Marion Cotillard's beautiful portrayal of Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose (July 16) just feels right.

Cartopia, Southeast 12th Avenue and Hawthorne Boulevard. Sundays through Oct. 5.

Best for: Folks looking to get every last Whiffies/Potato Champion super meal possible.

Golden ticket: Considering this food-cart pod is being kicked out by an evil developer, an Up and The Goonies double feature seems a missed opportunity. Luckily there's a Crazy for Swayze pairing (July 13) that features Road House, which has an evil developer…plus throat rips and roundhouse kicks. And it's playing with Point Break. So we'll let it slide.

Various parks. Tuesdays-Sundays through Sept. 13.

Best for: Catching a free flick without hiring a baby sitter.

Golden ticket: Raiders of the Lost Ark (Aug. 21 at Overlook Park) is the quintessential summer film. It's always a pleasure to see kids introduced to Indiana Jones—and to watch parents suddenly remember how graphically violent the movie is.

3110 Portland Road, Newberg. Fridays-Sundays through late October.

Best for: Parents with minivans; teenagers seeking to get lucky in their parents' minivans.

Golden ticket: The lineup, always a mismatched double feature, changes weekly. Fingers crossed for a Step Up: All In and Sex Tape mind-melter.

3030 SW Moody St. July 18-20.

Best for: People who crave a drive-in double-feature experience, but not in the form of a Step Up: All In and Sex Tape mind-melter. Losers.

Golden Ticket: Dirty Dancing and Enter the Dragon (July 19). This one has something for everyone: Patrick Swayze as a statutory rapist teaching a young girl the ways of love and nunchaku melees.

Hotel deLuxe, 729 SW 15th Ave. Thursdays, July 24-Aug. 28.

Best for: Folks who like their starlight cinema served with great views of downtown.

Golden ticket: Summer is synonymous with fast cars going boom. 1971's Vanishing Point (Aug. 14) is one of the most iconic car-chase films ever.

Pioneer Courthouse Square. Fridays, July 25-Aug. 29.

Best for: People who want to literalize that whole "Portland's living room" thing.

Golden ticket: Ghostbusters (July 25) turns 30 this year, and it's getting a theatrical re-release. So: Pay $12 at Regal, or watch it for free with tons of fans exposing their progeny to the wisdom of Dr. Peter Venkman for the first time.

Also Showing: 

  • Pix rolls out the great animated caper A Cat in Paris. Pix Patisserie. Dusk Wednesday, June 18.
  • 1995’s Clueless announced the arrival of superstar-in-the-making Alicia Silverstone. Now she writes books about veganism. Hollywood Theatre. 9:30 pm Thursday, June 19.
  • The Laurelhurst ends its Western run with Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, still cinema’s best buddy action flick. Laurelhurst Theater. June 20-26.
  • Legendary animator Don Bluth’s best film, The Secret of NIMH, is an uncharacteristically unsettling work of art disguised as a kids’ movie about a friendly field mouse questing to save her sick child. Academy Theater. June 20-26.
  • The Rocketeer is like a cross between a modern superhero flick and an Indiana Jones throwback. Nobody saw it when it came out in 1991, which is a shame, mainly because it features Timothy Dalton as a golden-age movie star with Nazi ties. Hollywood Theatre. 2 pm Saturday-Sunday, June 21-22.
  • A documentary. About motorcycle racing. Featuring Steve McQueen. Fuck yeah, On Any Sunday. Kiggins Theatre. 3 pm Sunday, June 22.
  • Blaxploitation classic Truck Turner stars Isaac Hayes as an Isaac Hayes-type bounty hunter who, in between pleasing the ladies, tries to track down a renegade pimp. Because it’s the ’70s. Hollywood Theatre. 7:30 pm Tuesday, June 24.