Comedian Kyle Mizono wants to dance with you. And she wants to do it in the dim, clown art-filled environs of Funhouse Lounge, with the looming threat of being drenched in booze by comedians wielding alcohol-filled Super Soakers.

"I want to dance with people, like in a platonic way," Mizono says. "Like, with some distance between us. I'd love to do that kind of dancing."

In other words, Saturday's event—billed as a "comedy dance party"—won't be your average standup show. Co-hosted by local comedians Carson Creecy and Dylan Reiff (who will double as DJ), it's a go-with-the-flow, giant question mark of an evening. Creecy says anything might happen.

"The response to Kyle Mizono tends to be, 'What the fuck just happened?'" Creecy says. "That's how this show is. Is this a dance party? Is this a comedy show? Is it music? Is it theater? I don't know exactly what's going on, but I'm having a great time doing it, and it's making me laugh and feel good."

Creecy hatched the idea during the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in May, when he saw Mizono at an afterparty having, in his words, "a weirdo dance battle" with a friend. She struck him as the ideal headliner for an out-of-the-box comedy show. Here that means a DJ'd standup showcase that incorporates music, dancing and unscripted sketches. Mizono will be joined by several local comics, who've each handpicked music to accompany their sets.

Mizono, an L.A. comic who sprinkles her offbeat musings about everyday life with Disney references, dinosaur imitations, songs about being a modern-day princess, and the occasional angry shout, welcomes a show with such a freewheeling premise. "I love to dance and I love physical stuff," she says. "I like the idea of not just talking to a microphone the whole time, and adding a little bit of extra flavor.” 

In addition to a post-show dance party, the audience can also expect a surprise mystery guest. Creecy refuses to reveal the guest's identity, only noting that this comedian will be armed with an alcohol-loaded Super Soaker. (Take comfort: Only those who volunteer will be sprayed.)

"What I've learned from other comedians is just to produce the show you want to see," Creecy says. "I'm a weird dude, so there's a lot of weird components to the show. But that's what I want to see, and I'm going to see who else is on board."

SEE IT: Kyle Mizono is at Funhouse Lounge, 2432 SE  11th Ave., 841-6734, on Saturday, July 5. 9:30 pm. “Pay what you will” general admission; $10-$40 VIP. 21+.