Frank Peters was, is and always will be a giant tool ["Old Dirty Bastard," WW, July 9, 2014]. Why print this ridiculous article glorifying him?

"m raleigh"

I worked for Judy [of Judy's Hot Dogs]. She did not leave to marry a rich guy. She ran that whole business, and Frank Peters was a silent partner who terrorized the cart employees, including his own employees at Peters Inn.

Frank threatened to fire employees constantly, and did. He fired one cart manager who was incredibly loyal, and it was the cruelest thing I ever saw. He was a complete creep.

It sounds like he has grown up, thanks to prison, but he caused a lot of damage and hurt many people. He was not the little darling bad boy you portrayed. He was incredibly sexist even by the standards of the '70s and '80s, which were abysmally low.

WW, you should have talked to more people instead of buying the ham, bone and all. Frank, you need to look back and atone.


Frank Peters is a Portland icon, an institution and, lucky for us, a Ken Kesey-like national treasure.

"Harley Leiber"

My first husband worked for this idiot in the '70s at Peters Inn. While we all did some crazy things in the '70s, Frank Peters took the cake. He was a total jerk toward women and people in general. Some of the stories I remember make me sick.

"Connie Watt"


This issue seems to privilege the needs of a few hosts over all of their neighbors ["City for Rent," WW, July 9, 2014]. I don't get it politically. It can only be about the Airbnb jobs. Portland has had no issue keeping Uber out.

As for apartments and condos, I don't blame the landlords. But they can still forbid subletting through the lease. They will have to track and evict their tenants who don't comply, but the city can't require them to allow Airbnb in their buildings.

Since all of the City Council's evidence on this issue seems to be anecdotal, I will just add that I have an Airbnb host down the block, and I hate it.



Last week’s cover story (“Old Dirty Bastard”) included a photo on page 11 of a man who was misidentified as Frank Peters. 

Last week's Bar Spotlight ("Critical Pass") incorrectly stated that the High Water Mark is owned by the same people as Alleyway. The High Water Mark owner, Eric Manfre, is no longer affiliated with Alleyway.

WW regrets the errors.

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