It's nice that Mount Hood is covered with snow year-round, providing a venue for children with severe First World problems to congregate ["Stoked & Broke," WW, July 16, 2014].

Only in America can people afford this level of active, self-indulgent idleness. Thank God for it, though. With Hood being 50 miles from PDX, it means these paupers on boards are even farther away.... "I mean, dude, gas is like four dollars a gallon. If we totally, like, pool our resources and get enough together for a gallon, we can go into Govy and totally score some Red Bull and weed for a day of zoning out, and then we can maybe dumpster-dive for half-filled beer bottles and party on, Garth."

Gravity will always pull your swiveling hips down the hill, but eventually you gotta pull yourself up. When that time occurs, I don't think the skill set translates to anything other than more boarding, dude.

—"Harley Leiber"

These kids are making lifelong memories, not destroying their lives.

—"Drew Magley"

When I first came to Portland, I couldn't understand why so many people reviled snowboarders. Then I met a few. Later a bunch moved into a house near mine. House full of snowboarders = instant slum.



As a mental health therapist who works in an inpatient setting, I have to agree that the situation right now is abysmal ["All Stacked Up and No Place to Go," WW, July 16, 2014]. People in crisis are left in emergency rooms for long periods with few supports—just when they are in their greatest need. This leaves people feeling increasingly depressed, and for some the long waits can elicit anger and even violence.

When someone does get admitted, they are often simply prescribed medications and then pushed out the door quickly because there is such a high need for beds. We need an alternative system to hospitals for managing mental health crises. Hospitals are needlessly expensive, inefficient and often do not provide true needed support.

—"Jon Keyes"


Folks tried to recall Sam Adams twice and it didn't work, but good luck to Ray ["Hotseat: Ray Horton," WW, July 16, 2014]. Mayor Charlie Hales is a tool, and City Commissioner Steve Novick is a huge disappointment. There has not been a decent politician in this state since Tom McCall and Wayne Morse.



Last week's Willie Weed column ("Contact in the 'Couv") incorrectly stated the number of licensed medical marijuana patients in Oregon. There were 64,838 as of July 1. Wm. Willard Greene was, well, you know...

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