1. Con: It is now too cold to swim at the Dock. We hope the dragon boaters are happy to have it to themselves again.
  2. Pro: Hey, y’all hear about that really cool apple orchard where all the kids are hanging out now?
  1. Con: Soon, it will start raining.
  2. Pro: All the fair-weather bike commuters and five-abreast packs of suburbanites will stop clogging up North Williams Avenue and the Waterfront.
  1. Con: There are only five free movies in the parks left, and one of them is a documentary about reconnecting kids with nature.
  2. Pro: Live theater is no longer limited to musicals in the suburbs and Shakespeare in the park.
  1. Con: No more sunny-day drinking at 8:30 pm.
  2. Pro: We can feel kinda-sorta less bad about staying at the office until after dark.
  1. Con: Save GZA doing Liquid Swords at Project Pabst, outdoor music festival season is over. Actually, we’re pretty much cool with this.
  2. Pro: The Black Keys, Justin Timberlake and Sam Smith (the male Adele) are on their way to town.
  1. Con: Cartopia on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard is expected to close in October.
  2. Pro: Tidbit cart pod is already open on Southeast Division Street, and there’s beer.
  1. Con: Unless Meyers Leonard finds Hakeem Olajuwon’s magic sneakers in a trash can, there’s little chance this Blazers season won’t be a letdown after last season.
  2. Pro: Though the NBA season doesn’t start for many of us until after the Super Bowl, the Blazers have games against the Thunder, Warriors and Cleveland LeBrons all in the first week.
  1. Con: Tiga bar will go the way of Beacon Sound and Revival Drum Shop and disappear from Northeast Prescott Street on Sept. 6, ending a mini neighborhood that was a refuge for the arts-and-music obsessed.
  2. Pro: BTU Brasserie, Portland’s first—and for the foreseeable future, only—brewery and Szechuan Chinese restaurant, is open and tempura-frying walnuts.
  1. Con: Berry season is all but over.
  2. Pro: Hop harvests are happening, with fresh-hop beers on tap in just a few weeks.
  1. Con: It’s almost election season, which means annoying lawn signs and TV commercials.
  2. Pro: We get to legalize weed in Oregon on Nov. 4.